Annual Company Fee

As from the year 2011 onwards, all Companies are required to pay renewal fees of €350 to the Registrar of Companies.  For groups of Companies, the maximum total duty is €20,000.

For 2011, the levy should have been paid up to 31 December 2011.  As from 2012 onwards, the levy must be paid up to 30th of June of each year.

Dormant Companies, Companies which do not own any assets as well as Companies owning property located in the non Government controlled areas of Cyprus are exempted from this levy.  In addition, Companies are exempted from payment of renewal fees for the year in which they were incorporated.

Failure to pay on time will result to penalties and possible de-registration from the Registrar of Companies.  In this case, the fee for re-registering the Company is €500 / €750 depending on the circumstances.